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delicious salad recipes for dinner

After a few hellish days of work it was time to calm down over a couple of salads, so here is what I made:

Tomato  Salad with Olives (a variation)


  • three large plum tomatoes
  • twelve black olives
  • small handful of sunflower seeds
  • one tablespoon olive oil
  • juice of half a lemon
  • salt and pepper

Chop the tomatoes. Stone and chop the olives. Toast the sunflower seeds. Combine all the ingredients. Delish!

By the way, the reason it’s a variation is because this salad is usually made with cherry tomatoes (whole or halved) and pine nuts instead of sunflower seeds. I’m sure a herb or two would go well here, but I only had enough parsley for the potatoes …

Potato Salad with Parsley


  • four medium potatoes
  • generous handful chopped parsley
  • two tablespoons finely chopped red onion
  • one finely chopped or well crushed garlic clove
  • juice of one lemon
  • one tablespoon olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Chop and boil the potatoes – for about eight minutes if chopped into pieces. When cooked and while still warm add all the other ingredients. The red onion will go a very pretty pink from the warmth of the potatoes.

I cannot tell a lie: I didn’t actually have any garlic when I made this last night. It may be that you don’t need both onion and garlic, probably just one is best. If you’re going to choose one, choose garlic. And I used Italian parlsey because that’s all we can get here. I’m too big a parsley fan to be a parlsey snob, so I’ll say that the non-flat-leaf kind of parlsey would also be good in this salad.

Hope you enjoy.


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another angry day

Allow me to continue moaning, if you would, dear reader …

The highlight of 27 September’s meeting was that the guy projecting his screen to display a presentation just showed his email because he needed to retrieve an attachment. In the truncated display view I saw something like “I miss your L’Occitane perfume. I actually went into the shop the other day “… but the rest I missed. It was only up for a second, two at the most. I don’t even know if it was to him or from him. Cute, though! And an excellent example of why I hate to project.

I have a horrible tension bellyache, I hate that. It happens so rarely but this is exactly the situation in which it would happen. I felt okay last night after I ate my tom yum gai soup and jasmine rice. Soup is the best.

I’ve been sitting between desks all day, I end up kicking the table legs and jamming my thighs whenever I move. Finally the woman next  to me left and I moved up … only to be ousted by someone else and returned to my station. I think the woman who moved me realised that it was a situation that was pissing me off majorly, so she started making pleasant conversation, including telling me not to go to
Chinatown, apparently it’s a rough area. Sounds great! They recommended that I just go downtown. Which I’m dying to do, too. But more than I want downtown, I want some tea, and some ginger sweets, and maybe a teapot, and some random pretty things, if such things are available. ‘Cause I’m fairly exhausted, pretty stressed, and not eating the best food. I did have lots of raw cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and celery for lunch, but not enough water. I’m dyin ova heah.

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