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June 4, 2007 at 6:29 am Leave a comment

My lovely friend KP rocked up on Thursday night to stay with us and to go shopping at the craft market in Tel Aviv, so on Friday morning we got on the bus for a shopping morning. Taking the bus is cheaper than paying for parking, and I didn’t have to deal with dickhead drivers and have a heart-attack; that was the primary rationale.

 We got to the market ( or at about 10am, its opening time. I didn’t have any particular plan of things to buy but I soon spotted a fabric shop that sold flat cushions that were exactly like what we need at home right now. I bought four for 45 shekels and was a happy camper.

Unfortunately, I had unwittingly made the cardinal mistake of buying at the first shop I saw. Indeed, about 10 minutes later we entered a different shop with prettier cushions that were only 40 shekels for four. I ran back to the original shop with a sob story about how my husband just called to say that he’d bought cushions at a different shop; clearly since the man of the house had bought, I couldn’t very well go home with cushions as well. To my surprise, the man at the shop refunded my money (UNHEARD of in this country); I went back and bought four gorgeous cushions and was an even happier camper.

On our way from the craft market to the proper shuk (selling really cheap clothes, gadgets, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc, etc), we stopped at a juice place because I had a craving. There were two side by side, serving exactly the same stuff, but one had a smiling woman who was calling to people things like ‘yes, lovely lady, come have some juice, you’re wonderful, this juice will make you happy’ and other amazingly positive things – especially impressive considering she was squeezed into a 1×1.5 metre booth with no air-conditioning, another person, and a noisy juice machine on a hot early summer day. I ordered a 10 shekel apple-celery-beetroot-ginger juice.

In the shuk, KP found one of the things she’d been looking for – a battery-powered milk frother. I’d made coffee that morning with frothy milk using a similar gadget; this cost 25 shekels AND came with a little stand. Bargain-basement prices are us. I managed to cross a few things off my shopping list too – a giant spatula (all the cool chefs use those instead of wooden spoons for serious folding activities) and a couple of big packets of cleaning cloths – grand total: 19 shekels.

  • Bus fair to the shuk: 5.10 shekels.
  • Fullfilling all my shopping needs: 59 shekels.
  • Knowing that the same items at normal shops would cost three times what I spent at the shuk: Priceless.

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