the casualties of pregnancy

June 21, 2007 at 6:51 am Leave a comment

foetus060806_228x298.jpgOf the aspects of my life to fall victim to the effects of this pregnancy, alcohol and cigarettes are probably the most insignificant. Of greater concern to me is losing the ability to wear some of my favourite clothes. Following is a partial list of my wardrobe grievances:

  • My Mango and Old Navy jeans give me bellyache within a few minutes of putting them on
  • I’m starting to have trouble buttoning my precious Gap jeans
  • My linen Mango trousers are ripping at the zipper
  • My nicest grey Old Navy trousers fit me like a sausage casing
  • The brown corduroy trousers that DO still fit will be hellishly hot to wear in the summer

Tight t-shirts – always a somewhat risky venture – have suddenly become out of the question, and most are now packed away in a suitcase, optimistically awaiting their return to my wardrobe next summer.

As  for the clothes that I CAN wear, I already mentioned that I ripped a pair of big-enough-for-the-belly trousers in Italy. Not to be defeated, I took them to the seamstress yesterday. I admit that in their elderly state, they’ll probably rip again; the seamstress reassured me that I’ll get one more summer out of them. Here’s hoping. They might be see-through and saggy, but they fit, and that puts them at the top of my new list of favourites.

At least I’m not too much of a primper and pamperer, otherwise I’d also be cutting out hair-dying and inhaling nail salon fumes … small mercies!


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