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June 24, 2007 at 7:03 am Leave a comment

pepparkarkor.jpgThis morning I ate a whole pile of pepparkarkor biscuits because I finally planned in advance sufficiently to make some! The pepparkarkor recipe is one that insists that the dough be made the night before the biscuits themselves. So on Friday afternoon I made the mixture and Saturday morning I cooked them.

I almost had a disaster and as a result I won’t be copying the recipe down here – I have a feeling that I might have added the sugar at the wrong time.  The sugar was listed twice in the recipe, but only once in the ingredients list. And as I am not so good at the ‘bigger picture’ approach, I was following the recipe step by step. So when the recipe said to mix the sugar with the flour and cloves and baking powder, I did. And when the recipe said to mix the sugar with the melted butter and golden syrup and egg … I was a bit concerned. The most frustrating thing was having to wait until the next day to know for sure whether it had worked out!

In a continuing state of paranoia, I under-baked the biscuits on Saturday. I think that my oven is quite hot, and since it’s easy to burn the pepparkarkor to a crisp, I baked some of the batches for only four minutes insteed of five. Some of them are a bit chewy instead of crisp, but they’re still tasty.  I’ll try to get a picture up of them. I used Tupperware cookie cutters for the shapes.


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