strange pregnany effects that come in threes

July 10, 2007 at 1:20 pm Leave a comment

  1. The other night – and then the following morning, while lying in bed – I had the strangest sensation that I could hear my spinal fluid. It wasn’t like listening to my own blood pumping … it didn’t sound as squishy as that. It was more like a gristly kind of squelch, like liquid in a constricted, friction-filled environment. I only had it on those two occasions, and heard it about three times in the evening and three times in the morning.
  2. Yesterday I also had my first experience of heartburn, which was fairly uncomfortable.  I read about a variety of remedies for it, one of the most popular of which seemed to be apple cider vinegar. I only got desperate enough to try that quite late in the evening, so I’m not sure whether it did actually provide any relief.
  3. Today, I had some optical hallucinations that were so strong that I was sure there was something/someone in the room with me – funny little moving shapes out the corner of my eye…

They’re only little things, but they’re weirding me out a bit. I don’t mind if they continue, though, they are making life interesting!


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crying over spilt coffee cooking with gas, cooling off with cookies

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