awful, horrible dreams … not for the squeamish

August 6, 2007 at 9:18 am Leave a comment

You have been warned … I’m screwing my eyes shut and trying not to be here even as I write this, so I don’t expect anyone else to enjoy it.

Sitting in the spare room at dad’s with about six other people, including three women, a kid of about 6 years old and that kid’s father, and maybe dad. It was like we were returning to a romo that had been shut for a while, so although we were very surprised to see an enormous rat appear from behind a picture, we weren’t totally shocked. It was like an evil rat out of a cartoon, long skinny arms and legs and a sharp, long face.

Before we could really discuss who should deal with it and how, the little boy pounced on it. We were impressed but then he started pulling it’s back legs apart until it split all the way up its body leaving the neck and head intact; we could see it’s ribcage and organs. It was waving it’s legs around slowly. Someone had the presence of mind – maybe the father – to get up and remove the rat. But then the kid had these bloodied hands, and had started touching a bed that some of us were sitting on. I said something about how we better wash his hands, someone else said not to bother him. He was getting bloody, dirty finger marks on the mattress so I got up and instructed him that we were going to wash his hands. He wouldn’t come so I took his hand in mine and pulled him into the bathroom, where I washed both of our hands.

When I finally got back into the room after scrubbing and rinsing for a while, the people in there looked like they’d been having a serious discussion, and I realised that dad was all upset and disappointed with me for how I’d handled the situation, although the others were trying to say that what I’d done wasn’t that bad.

Following that dream section was one where I was at mum’s; I got to the house but realised that I didn’t have a key. The neighbour had one spare but recommended that I wait becuase maybe I shouldn’t go in by myself without getting permission first. I went in anyway, and went into my old room. There were some flies in there – just general summer flies, not like a gathering of flies around a corpse or anything. Then in the dream I remembered mum trying to catch flies with a plastic bag and if one ever eluded her, she’d say there was a hole in the bag.


In the kitchen there was a big bag of grapefruit and I thought about squeezing some but didn’t in the dream. In mum’s room one of the windows was open. Everything seemed like it was just on hold and that someone would come home but I didn’t think anyone actually would.

All through the night I kept thinking about the mutilated rat and wondering what could have possessed the kid to do it and why I had been wrong to make him wash his hands. Is this just more weird hormonally induced stressful dreams? Can’t I dream of sugar and spice or puppy dogs’ tails? Does it really have to be bitter fruit and dead rats?


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