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August 7, 2007 at 3:30 pm 1 comment

Today was one of those days which, although a bit frantic, reminded me why I love working where I do.

For breakfast I had cottage cheese and tomato on a brown roll with flaxseeds on it.

chocolate.gifAround mid-morning it was brought to my attention that there were baskets full of chocolates at the secretary’s station specifically intended for worker consumption. I went to the secretary, took about six, and said “Nobody’s counting, right?”. She said “Take all you want!”. She doesn’t realise that I consider that to be a genuine invitation.

Lunch was a very delicious piece of roast chicken with tomato relish and apricot relish, both of which tasted like they could have been made in a real person’s kitchen.

On our way down to lunch we were attacked by salespeople trying to ply us with gifts, none of which I could take as I had no pockets. On the way out I started browsing their stands. First, I was given a gift card entitling me to either a free eyebrow trim, back massage, or anti-aging treatment.

lotus.jpgFurther down the corridor leaving the dining room I picked up some Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits … not so glamorous, but tasty, and free. I don’t remember what they were selling, but they didn’t mind me taking the stuff they were giving away, and that’s what’s important.

Then, I applied for a credit card that will cost me nothing, but will win me nice discounts at my favourite supermarket, one of my favourite clothing stores, and I think it also gets me in for FREE at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. What a score! And the only thing that makes me eligible is working here, which I do happily already.

nesher.jpgJust before the building entrance there was a woman giving away cups of Nesher Malt drink and key rings by which to remember Nesher Malt, always. Nesher Malt is famously healthy (only natural ingredients) and has a cool label – even if it’s been a bit updated lately, and as thus lost some of its nostalgia-inducing-for-certain-people coolness.

Near the elevator a woman from a bank that I don’t bank at approached me and gave me a really nice notebook and a list of the special rates that I can get at that bank – why? Because I work here! And even with all these benefits, they still see fit to furnish me with a big office all to myself, with windows along the entire four metres of my east-facing wall. I love my work!


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  • 1. josh  |  August 12, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    We didn’t get cookies at our offices…

    A rumour has it that in Haifa, regular people are getting those souped up ‘Dr Gav’ chairs. Have you heard about this. Until now, only peopl ewho went through the process of whining and getting doctors notes got them. I think preggers are automatic sho-ins, btw.


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