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August 21, 2007 at 2:17 pm Leave a comment

Just in case anyone’s reading this for pregnancy updates, Friday saw the beginning of a very weird dry skin phenomenon. Three of the fingers on my right hand became very suddenly very dry – the skin got a bit flaky and thin. I moisturised a few times a day but it basically went away by itself – yesterday it was chronic; this morning it was gone!

Today I’m wearing an Old Navy sleeveless white maternity top sent by my mother-in-law with my TopShop jeans – I’m still managing to feel like I have heaps of clothes because I’m slowly introducing the things she sends.

The “you’re so small!” and “you’re that far along?” and “where is it?” comments continue not much abated at 26 weeks, even from professionals like shop assistants in baby gear stores who I really thought would know better. And still, I wish there was one easy word that I could say that would express the fact that I’m sick of that attitude, that I’ve decided that I’m the perfect size, and that they should shut their judgemental mouths. I think that their insistence on passing judgement on my size has something to do with the very Israeli combination of always having an opinion that must be shared, and always making other peoples’ business their own.

Although in general I’ve been full of beans and not lacking any energy, yesterday after lunch I hit a wall. About an hour after lunch I was overcome with a fit of apathy and exhaustion that lasted a good half hour. When I got home I was a bit more chipper, and we managed to go out for a couple of hours to do some essential furniture shopping, but by the time we got home from that I was done, and felt like vegetating. I even watched an entire Law & Order – my brain was moving so slowly it was the only television that made sense. My fabulous hubby warmed me up some Friday night leftovers, brought me water, and encouraged me to put my feet up.

Maybe my body is still feeling a bit weak, though, because at the supermarket today I had an irresistible urge (to be more accurate: an urge that I didn’t resist) to buy lots of chocolate. I didn’t go too crazy – peanut M&Ms, plain M&Ms, and two bars of cow chocolate, one with exploding bits.



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