good eats and new jeans

August 26, 2007 at 6:51 pm Leave a comment

Holiday Inn Pasila breakfast:

  • smoked rainbow trout
  • herring in tomato sauce
  • herring in herb sauce
  • brown bread roll
  • brie cheese
  • edam cheese
  • sliced cucumber
  • mixture of muesli, cornflakes, and branflakes
  • dried fruit
  • fresh fruit salad
  • mixed berries
  • berry yoghurt

fazermint1.jpgAs I didn’t have a handbag on me, I left with only three chocolates. Tomorrow I’m hoping to manage more, as I’m sure I’ll need them to get me through the work day.

Later, I caught a tram into the city and went shopping at H&M. There was a mercifully small amount of wearable stuff there, so I only got jeans and a top. I think I might have to get these jeans shortened because they’re sort of skinny leg and none of my heels will really work with them. Hopefully they’ll work with my flat shoes … otherwise I’ll be forced to buy some ballet flats or whatever the hell I’m supposed to wear with skinny leg jeans.


Entry filed under: eating, wardrobe issues, work issues.

the joy of travel the first day

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