the mystery of the squeaky foetus

September 4, 2007 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

So, I’m at 28 weeks now, and I’ve been feeling kicks and turns and punches or whatever else it is that the foetus is doing to amuse itself. From the outset, I have been able to tell the difference between tummy rumbles and foetal movement – so that’s about two months of getting to know the feeling.

All’s well with the movements, but twice in the last two weeks, I’ve heard the strangest noise from down there. The first was while sitting in my hotel room. I guess I wasn’t doing anything but reading, and I heard it, a very distinctive little squeaky-hiccup noise. I told my husband about it, and today spoke to a friend of mine who gives great pregnancy advice, but she hadn’t encountered anything like it. I also can’t find any references to it in internet searches. At the time of writing, I just heard it again. It’s like a combination between a squeak, a blip, and a hiccup.

From my experience of my own body, I’m pretty sure that what I’m hearing isn’t just the noise of my organs shifting around, but on the other hand, I’m not even sure that a foetus is able to make vocal noises inside the womb.

I just read that at 28 weeks the foetus is considered ‘legally viable’ – meaning that it is capable of a separate, independent existence and must be registered if born prematurely (tfu tfu tfu). Maybe it’s crying out in joy at its new, independent status. I guess I thought that rebellion would come much later. Maybe it didn’t like lunch; I had the fish. The first time I heard it I’d just eaten a packet of beef flavour YumYum instant noodles (they were out of chicken at the supermarket). I guess there could be an MSG connection. If so, I’ll feel very guilty, although I have no way of knowing for sure whether they load the cafeteria food here with MSG – it’s a rumour I’ve heard, though.


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