failed challah, successful bread pudding recipe

September 17, 2007 at 11:36 am Leave a comment

Last week I used a recipe different from my usual one to bake challot. Someone at work gave me the recipe and insisted that he’d had great success with it. For me, it didn’t rise so well, and wasn’t a very pretty result at all. I made three circular challot from the recipe. We checked one to make sure that it was edible, which meant that it then sat at home.

Since I only have to look at bread these days to get heartburn, I didn’t eat much of it – although it was delicious, and filled with cranberries and golden raisins. After a couple of days I realised we wouldn’t be finishing the bread in a hurry, and decided to transform the failed challah into bread pudding.

First, I buttered a small Corningware dish. Then I sliced the challah and buttered each piece. I layered the slices into the dish and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on each layer. Next, I beat two eggs and about three cups of milk, and poured it all over the bread. It could have done with more milk but it seemed like such a huge amount that I refrained. I left it all to sit and get nice and moist for 10 minutes, then baked it for about half an hour at 175 degrees C.

We ate the bread pudding with ice cream and it was very delicious. Soaking and baking the bread again didn’t alter its affect, particularly: I still ended up with a bit of heartburn – but it was worth it, and it went away eventually.


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