the long weekend

September 30, 2007 at 1:32 pm Leave a comment

The Sukkot holiday gave us a lovely long weekend, with half of Wednesday and all of Thursday rolling into Friday and Saturday for three and a half days of relative relaxation.

On Wednesday afternoon we collected a cot (crib) from my husband’s cousin’s friend. They also gave us a tub for bathing a baby, and a stand to hold the tub, and a baby carrier.

Then we went to our friends, S and T, for dinner in their sukkah, where we had really good chicken soup, roast chicken, potatoes, and other vegetables. T had also prepared a pineapple crumble and chocolate cake. I made the mistake of eating challah at the beginning of the meal – how else was I going to get some of that hummus, and that eggplant spread? – so I had a bit of heartburn once we went to bed that evening.

On Thursday morning we started putting the cot together, which was very exciting and satisfying … until we discovered that an essential part was missing, which prevented one of the sides from going in. Later on Thursday we received a lunch invitation from hubby’s family, so I made some Lemon Squares (recipe to follow) to take along. At lunch we had gefilte fish and horseradish, rice, kasha, salad, raw asparagus – all good things.

On Friday morning we went to the shop where the cot originally came from and found – for a bargain 20 shekels! – the part that was missing. On the way home we stopped at a cafe for lunch, where I had an omelette breakfast that came with a little plate of rolls. I ate one of the rolls because it looked (and was) so delicious, and because I figured maybe it would digest nicely by the evening, and maybe for something so delicious it was worth it … but of course, it wasn’t worth the eventual heartburn – a full TWELVE hours later.

At home after lunch, we finished putting together the cot, and then rearranged the room, which included hauling the piano around, repositioning the bed, and realising how little space we actually have. That evening, we went out for dinner before going to a play, ‘Mikveh’. We hadn’t booked a place, but had a little wander down Dizengoff and saw a place called Paella. I got a chicken and chorizo (beef) paella; hubby got chicken escalope.

On Saturday morning I got up early and made Ginger Crunch and (recipe to follow) Anzac biscuits. I added sunflower seeds and a few chopped up dried apricots, after reading Julie Le Clerc’s version of the recipe. We went out for brunch, and when we came home, an old friend came over to visit and helped us eat the biscuits.


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ginger crunch recipe pregnant life update – 33 weeks

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