pregnancy tests that I thought would be worse than they were

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Since I have A- blood and my husband doesn’t and we don’t know the baby’s blood type, I needed to get an Anti-D immunisation. I thought that this involved a series of shots from late in the pregnancy until the end, and then more after the birth, but it turns out it’s just one in the third trimester, and then one after the birth.

The nice nurse explained that Anti-D is given as a shot in the butt – which is a first for me, so that was novel. It was quick and painless, and I was instructed to hang around the nurse’s station for 20 minutes in case I didn’t feel well. I could certainly feel where I’d been pricked, but by the time I stood up to walk home I felt as good as new.


I heard that the glucose challenge test was really nasty, so certainly wasn’t expecting to enjoy the experience. One of the nice nurses mixed up a concoction for me, and poured it into a very large cup – a drink of about 500 ml, maybe more, within which was 50 grams of sugar. She told me to try to drink it as quickly as possible, and I managed to down the whole lot in one go. She had mixed lemon cordial into it so it was like a tart-sweet cordial, very tasty. Then I had to sit in the waiting room for an hour so they could measure my response afterwards – good thing I’d brought a book.

When I went back in so they could take my blood, I clarified with them that I’d really eaten as much sugar as I thought I had, and the nurse said “Yes, of course … you didn’t feel it?”. Once I got home I did feel like I was on a bit of a sugar high, but in the most pleasant way – as with all sugar highs.

The results are supposed to be in the range of 65 to 140 – the upper numbers indicating a possible problem with dealing with the sugar quantity and I guess maybe being some kind of indicator of gestational diabetes. My result was 60.5. Which I take to mean that my body is so accustomed to absorbing phenomenal amounts of sugar that it hardly even registered the fact that I’d just swallowed a huge handful of the good stuff. Regardless of my interpretation, the fact is that 60.5 is a fine result and shows that there’s no glucose problem, and I don’t have to worry about it.


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