pregnancy update – 37 weeks!

November 4, 2007 at 12:33 pm Leave a comment

This morning, hubby called to check whether I’m feeling more space around my ribs and I think I am – he’s been reading up on how my progress should be. In the last few days I’ve also been feeling some minor groin and upper thigh twinges, and I wonder if that’s maybe a sign that the baby’s dropped. It could just be that I’m getting heavier and putting more strain on my legs, I suppose, but since I haven’t put on weight in the last two weeks, I feel like that’s a bit less likely.

Today I also have a feeling that the waistband (more like lower hipband, actually) on the H&M Mama jeans that I’m wearing is a little tight and I’m hoping there’s enough room in the lower pelvic regions for the baby’s head, neck, shoulders … I guess it can always lie sideways if it’s getting uncomfortable. I’m actually a bit more comfortable standing up right now, but I’m hoping that will pass in a few minutes. Until recently all I needed to do was sit up straight to really feel like I was providing enough womb-room; this morning I suddenly feel that even that isn’t quite enough.

Apart from that eency-weency complaint, everything’s still going swimmingly, and depending on what I wear, people are still registering shock at how far advanced I am in the pregnancy, and how not-far advanced I look. I’m still very mobile and not needing assistance with basic tasks – although some help with painting my toenails wouldn’t go amiss.

And the only other thing I have to report that could be considered as a rant is the two recent instances of honoured guests dropping food on the floor and then, as I’m on my hands and knees sweeping it up, uttering inanities such as “you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be doing that!”. And I’m thinking “well if it bothers you so much, YOU do it!” … of course, assistance is never forthcoming.


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