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November 13, 2007 at 10:48 am Leave a comment

Whether it’s the nesting instinct kicking in, or just practicality, I have been cooking food for the freezer lately, in the hope that we can continue to eat decent food even when there might seem to be no time in the day to cook. Having the food will be more important for me than hubby, since he’ll still be going to work and eating nice big lunches.

Two weeks ago I made about 2 litres worth of split pea soup, and a batch of meatballs – a first for me. I’m already looking forward to heating them up in some tinned crushed tomatoes, but I guess I can wait until the necessity really hits. I also made a walnut and date loaf, to have something a bit sweet on hand.

The following Friday, I made a recipe for chicken tajine that used about 2.5 kilos of chicken pieces. I divided it into four separate meal-sized portions, in freezer bags. Later in the day I made a very simple leek and carrot soup. On Saturday morning, hubby went to the club to swim and go to the gym; I stayed at home and made chicken shnitzels.


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chicken tagine recipe for the freezer eating for two

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