40 weeks and 5 days

November 29, 2007 at 9:39 am Leave a comment

Yesterday I went for a different kind of follow-up, at the medical centre. Usually I just go to the neighbourhood branch and the nurses check some basic details, ask some standard questions, wish me luck, and send me on my way. Yesterday’s follow-up, however, involved a monitor. Exciting. The nurses sat me in a recliner and strapped a couple of discs to my belly, turned up the volume and left me to listen to the baby’s heartbeat … and the heartbeats of the babies of the two women in neighbouring cubicles, too.

At various points, various nurses came in to check the results, and invariably made comments such as “it’s all over the place”, “it’s really going wild”, and other encouraging(?) comments. Eventually – after an hour on the machine – I was told to go out, walk around for 20 minutes, and come back so they could try to get a baseline heartbeat. When I sat down again and got hooked up I tried singing a bit, too, to calm it down. I realised that the only stuff that would be really familiar would be Zohar Argov, since I’ve been blasting him in the car throughout the pregnancy. I felt a bit silly singing him, but did it anyway … quietly.

Whether it was that, or the walk, or my concentrated meditation on the yellow and blue flowers on the curtain separating me from the other heartbeats that did it, something calmed the baby down and they got a 135 beat.

They want to see me again today – I guess they want to get it right first time, so I’ll have a walk and a sing before I go in, and will hope for the best. On the referral letter that they gave me yesterday, it’s written that I must keep track of the baby’s movements (I have been doing so: it’s still moving), and that any drop in movements may require a visit to the hospital. Which all seems a bit contrary … it was the moving that they considered problematic yesterday; then they wanted it to be still, now they want it to move, what’s a baby to do?

Anyway, I know that too much moving is also supposed to be a sign of foetal distress, so I forgive them for interfering, and I’ll play nicely. Last night the movements were very strong for almost three hours, I might ask them if they condsider that to be normal. I didn’t feel much through the night apart from that, though. Then again, I was sleeping.

Later in the day I went to buy sheets for the bassinet but got flustered by the not-so-pleasant shop assistant and ended up buying a set made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It included a fitted sheet, a protector to tie to the slats, and a blanket. When I got home and discussed it with hubby (who I had also called about four times during the purchase), we realised that the fabric didn’t feel all that nice, that the blanket was totally unnecessary, and that it had basically been a mistake. I’ll be taking it back and will likely only receive in return a store credit, but better that than keep it. One thing that must be said for the set – it was pretty.


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