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2 weeks and 5 days

Friday 7 December brought the official end to my ability to write pregnancy-related posts, and provided me with an excellent excuse not to write anything at all here for a while. The latest news – I’m starting with the new stuff first, I’ll get to the past two weeks in my next post – is that our baby is lifting his head enough to turn it from side to side¬†while lying on his front while sleeping.

In terms of my life in food, this morning¬†I had a breakfast of a white cheese omelette, olive and caraway bread, white cheese with smoky eggplant mixed in, and slices of kachkavel on the side … my mother-in-law is insisting that I need to eat lots of dairy, and she’s making sure it happens. For lunch I had vegetable soup and a lentil dish – also care of the mother-in-law. Soon I’ll heat up some of the shepherd’s pie she made.


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