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simple pleasures at 10 weeks

Today my lovely boy and I went for a big walk, halfway through which I bought pastries and sat down for a coffee and an almond croissant. We went to a few parks: one where we walked down an olive tree lined path, one where we lay under carob trees, and one with a big sculpture dedicated to Herzog.

At home, worn out by all the parks and fresh air, he fell asleep and I managed to do a load of laundry and paint my toenails – something I’ve been waiting to do for about a month, if not longer.

Other things that our gorgeous boy is doing:

  • moving his legs at the same time
  • lifting his legs up in a not-related-to-gas way – apparently it’s the beginnings of thinking about turning over
  • batting and grabbing at toys in a more organised way
  • lifting himself pretty high on his arms, and on Monday February 18, at 10 weeks and 3 days, he rolled over from his belly to his back
  • sleeping more! Friday night and Sunday night he only got up to eat ONCE in the night

He also let me make eggplant involtini last night (I have another recipe to post! it’ll happen eventually) and allowed us to eat chocolate croissants and coffee this morning.


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9 weeks

Lately, people have been telling me that they don’t remember what it was like when their own babies were as small as ours is now – even a woman the other day whose son is only one year old. I don’t know what to write to help me remember what he’s like now, I can’t begin to imagine. But here are a couple of things:

  • My hand is the length of his back
  • When he’s feeding and I put my hand one his waist, I’m holding half of the circumference of his entire body
  • When he’s relaxed and we have eye contact when he’s feeding, he’ll smile at me; since I can’t see his mouth, I can tell by how his eyes get smaller and his cheeks get bigger
  • He smiles, but not at just anybody
  • When he drops his dummy and I try to put it back in his mouth, he gives me big smiles that also mean that the dummy won’t stay in and he’s completely adorable
  • His pinky toes are long and curled in a very primate-like way
  • He gets fluff between his fingers
  • He seems to complain only when there is something wrong that even I can identify and usually solve – I feel like this might be a special time in that respect: his needs aren’t really a mystery to me, and it’s not something totally out of my control like teething, which is yet to come
  • He’s always adorable, and usually fascinating

Maybe I’ll think of other things later. He’s already 5.8 kilos and feels heavier every time I feed him.

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