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November 10, 2008 at 11:02 am Leave a comment

Château Vary
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Where our baby once woke up cooing and murmuring, he now moves quickly from fidgeting and shuffling to major crying. The breakdown started in the Loire Valley when he was six months old, and we haven’t really recovered yet.

From a strictly objective observation, it appears that the week or so that he spent trying to get some sleep in a black netting rectangular hole of baby hell (that is otherwise known as a traveller portable crib) did some serious damage to his previously positively dreamy routine of up to 12 straight hours of nightly sleep. That, along with parental nerves stretched paper-thin, twilight until 10pm, and being surrounded by strangers left him a bit of a wreck.

Now 11 months old, the lovely baby who was a lovely sleeper by six months now cries in the middle of the night more often goes down for naps with greater difficulty, and frequently wakes between 4 and 5am, although husbandly intervention in the mornings has given us the occasional 5:30-6 waking.


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