things fall apart

March 5, 2009 at 11:42 am Leave a comment

Can I please buy a brush that lasts me more than two years before falling apart? The spikes drop out, the colour or veneer wears out, the non-slip rubber bits atrophy and drop off, the pointless decoration becomes ugly … I know we live in a disposable society, but this is getting annoying!

While you’re sending me suggestions as to where to find a Mason Pearson hairbrush in Israel, can you also find me a sturdy milk frother?

Recently the Bialetti milk frother that I bought in Italy two years ago fell apart – the handle cracked. Technically, it is still possible to heat and froth milk using this device, but pouring is pretty hazardous. After a while of taking the burn risk, we decided to buy a new frother – also Bialetti. tuttocrema2This one has a non-stick layer inside for easy cleaning, and is more compact that the last one. But two days ago, I realised that there is also a crack in the handle of THIS frother. What to do?? My Bialetti coffee maker has lasted about four years so far with no signs of giving up the ghost. Now I just need a frother that’s as realiable as that … or go back to drinking black coffee, I guess.


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