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link: yoghurt/yogurt tartlets

On Friday I made a potato curry with tomato and coconut milk, and decided that a nice dairy dessert would be appropriate for afters. I have lots of yoghurt in the fridge, so I decided to try the 101cookbooks recipe for yoghurt tarlets. Next time I’ll probably use ground flax and sunflower seeds instead of some of the flour and butter, and maybe I’ll put some of the oats in the food processor, instead of leaving them whole … but basically, it’s a great recipe, with very little sweetener. I didn’t use any sugar, but used silan (date syrup) in the crust, and maple syrup (as per the recipe) in the filling. Highly recommended!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t convinced that they were going to be successful, so I ended up making a pavlova as well. I’m out of white sugar (semi-intentionally), so used brown sugar instead. The end-result was a pretty colour and one of the nicest, highest pavs that I have made. Next stop – creme caramel, to use up my five egg yolks!


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